Do you grow and sell food/products in Lambton?

We would love to have you join our map.

We are revamping the website to make it amazing! With customizable entries, pins, your logo and the ability to edit at any time, this will is the go to place for all of Lambton!

And good news – there is a crafting section! Please contact us at [email protected] for more details.


Attractions & Fairs

  • Annual events
  • Township Fair


  • Handmade items (quilts, signs)
  • Jams
  • Wool Products

Flowers and Nurseries

Fruit and Vegetables

Farmers Markets

  • Annual farmers Markets
  • Regular Multi-vendor sales with a focus on local produce

Farm Gate Markets & Orchards

Craft & Cider Brewers, Wineries


  • Honey
  • Maple Syrup
  • Wood
  • Raw Wool
Locally Lambton is Back!
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