The 100th Anniversary of the Lambton County Plowing Match has been scheduled for Saturday September 5 in Brigden, ON

A farm in the Brigden area will host the 100th Anniversary Match.

More details to follow.

The Lambton County Plowmen’s Association is a non-profit organization that has hosted the county’s plowing matches since 1920. The yearly match allows the Association to showcase Lambton County as it rotates through the various townships.

They have hosted the International Plowing Match (IPM) three times in their history, 1923,1973, and 1991.

They have also been proud to have 3 Family Farm Award winners in Lambton County.

Plowing classes range from horse plowing, antique tractors and plows, and classic to reversible plows.

For further information, follow the Lambton County Plowmen’s Association on Facebook.

Save the Date for the Lambton County 100th Anniversary Plowing Match – September 5 2020

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