The Lambton Federation of Agriculture is a non-profit general farm organization in Lambton County who helps and supports farmers and issues relating to their farm operations, while bridging with the community and other sectors/partners/service providers.

In 2021, the Lambton Federation of Agriculture represented 1942 farmers (*1927 in 2020 and 1932 in 2019).

The group was formed in 1941 by farmers who felt the need for a united voice in the farm community.

Delores & Ralph Ferguson with LFA President Robert Mater with a new personalized OFA sign, 1993

The History of the Lambton Federation of Agriculture

After experiencing the Depression and World War II’s rationing, most farmers in Warwick and Lambton recognized the need for a strong united voice to address their common concerns.

The Lambton Farmers Association (later changed to the Lambton Federation of Agriculture or LFA) was a grass-roots organization created in 1941. Two directors from each township were appointed. Kenneth Janes and Swanton Reycraft were the first Warwick representatives.

“Buying clubs,” later known as “co-operatives,” were early economic structures that pooled member buying power for seed, coal, fertilizer and flour. At meetings in 1947 through to the early 1950s, the Federation actively supported the introduction of co-operative life, automobile and medical insurance, offering Lambton farm families their first affordable hospital and surgical insurance plans.

Rural issues addressed over the years included member funding, embargos on export cattle, farm hydro rates, marketing campaigns, improved rural assessment, operating loan interest rates, land expropriation due to the Hwy 402 expansion, confusion over metric labelling on chemicals, debt review, price stabilization, nutrient management, landfills, competing with European Union and USA price supports and fair prices for crops and livestock. The Lambton Federation of Agriculture remains active in fulfilling its mission statement: “to be an advocate for agricultural producers through networking, education and communications with community and governments.”

Presidents of the LFA from Warwick over the years have been: Ken Janes (1945), George McCormick (1949), Wm. Blain (1960–61), Howard Huctwith (1970), Mac Parker (1985–86) and Dennis Bryson (2004–05). In 2008 the Secretary-Treasurer is Brenda Miner.

SOURCE: Brenda Miner, 2007

The organization helps to develop and consolidate farmer opinion for the promotion of any activity within Lambton County and to help improve the welfare of the individual farmer and the farming industry.

They also help to bring the viewpoints and concerns of the membership to the Ontario Federation of Agriculture for policy development and action, and in turn, to interpret Ontario Federation of Agriculture policy has developed to all farmers in Lambton County.

Directors help to facilitate the spread of information of concern to and from the farming industry and to and from all farmers in Lambton County.

LFA President Mac Parker, Jennifer Battersby of Lambton Rural Child Care, OFA President Harry Pelissero at grand opening of LRCC. (June 27, 1986)

LOCAL LEADERSHIP – What’s in it for me?

  • GET CONNECTED: Grow your professional and social circle
  • BE IN THE KNOW: New programs, grants, campaigns
  • GIVE BACK: Contribute to your own farm community

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