The Excellence in Agriculture program recognizes agri-food innovations that demonstrate leadership, product development or technology advancement that will benefit the agri-food sector. The innovations recognized will help move the sector forward so it is better positioned to thrive here at home and on the global stage.


BioLiNE Corporation – Lambton County
BioLiNE’s innovation brings fertilizer formulators up a notch. Their unique process uses plant-based material (spent mushroom compost versus traditional soft coal sources), meaning no harsh chemicals, heat and minimal energy is used to produce fulvic acid, an organic compound used to bolster soil properties. Importantly, they are upcycling a product that would otherwise be considered waste.

The Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence program supported and recognized the dedication, hard work and innovation of local agri-food businesses and individuals who added value to existing products, helped create jobs and contributed to economic growth.

Twin Creeks Greenhouse
(Reid Cleland, George Conelissen, Carolyn Cornelissen, Danielle Cornelissen, Mike Cornelissen, Hon Deb Matthews, MPP)
Not long ago, flares were used to burn off the methane produced at the local landfill down the road from Twin Creeks Greenhouse. Today, the excess gas travels 1.8 kilometres by pipeline from the landfill and into a greenhouse boiler, which regulates the greenhouse at perfect growing temperatures. The steady fuel supply reduces the amount of natural gas needed to heat the greenhouse by 65 per cent and allows the producers to grow their crops year-round. The crops take in carbon dioxide produced by burning methane, helping offset the carbon emissions. The construction of the pipeline supported a number of contractors and local businesses, while Twin Creeks plans to add 80 acres to the methane-heated greenhouse operation.