Lambton County family operation lauded by Soil and Crop Improvement Association

Belan Farms of Dawn-Euphemia recently won the Outstanding Farmer Award at the annual meeting of the Lambton Soil and Crop Improvement Association. From left is LSCIA president Jeff Sawyer, Mike Belan the 3rd, Clark Aiken of Parkland Farms, Mike Belan the 2nd, Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP Monte McNaughton and St. Clair Township Mayor Steve Arnold, representing the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority.

Belan Farms, a 1,200-acre cash crop operation in Dawn-Euphemia that’s operated by three generations of the Belan family, has won the 2018 Outstanding Farmer Award from the Lambton Soil and Crop Improvement Association.

The Belan family includes three “Mikes”—Sr., Jr., and III—as well as Tony Belan.

The business operates on a three-year rotation of wheat, corn and soybeans, a method that many Lambton area farmers and beyond use to help improve soil health.

They do so even though the market for their crops might be better without the rotation regimen. Having wheat in the rotation has proven to improve crop performance and the health of the soil.

The Belans also do soil testing by zones, a method that uses a sled for on-the-go sensing. Haggerty Creek, their input supplier, provides that service.

The farm operation is also working on building up phosphorous levels and improving the fertility of the soil. They also farm using a “cover crop” methodology which is said to hold nutrients in place and help avoid run-off.

The business switched to a no-till operation in 1991 and the family has become a promoter of the method, hosting farm tours and doing presentations.

Mike Belan III is also a professional firefighter and serves as a director on the Lambton Federation of Agriculture.

From The Lambton Shield

Belan Farms Wins ‘Outstanding Farmer of Year’ 2018 for its Work on Soil Improvement

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