When: Wednesday July 3rd, 2013
Where: Wyoming Legion, 493 Erie Street, Wyoming
Time: Starts at 9:30 am – 12:00pm

  • 9:30 am Welcome by Lambton Federation of Agriculture and introduction of guests
  • 9:35 am Each MP & MPP has 5 minutes for an introduction
  • 10:00 am Each of the commodity groups have 5 minutes to speak about their main issues
  • 11:05 am The LFA has 5 minutes to speak about their main issues
  • 11:15 am Open the floor for question and answer period
  • 11:45 am Wrap up and conclusion

There will be an open invitation to grass roots farmers to listen and participate in the question and answer period.

The LFA will provide a moderator that will keep the agenda on time.

July 2013 Annual MP, MPP & Commodity Group Meeting
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