A Challenge to the Farmers of Lambton County – October 1941

What is the L.C.F.A.?

It is an organization of farmers uniting in one group to discuss farm problems and work for the improvement of farm conditions.

Who is the L.C.F.A.?

There are twenty directors on the Board, two men from each Township in the County. In January, 1942, and every year thereafter, the farmers of each township will be called together to elect five directors to lead the township organization. These five directors will elect a President and Secretary from their Board who will represent the township on the county Board of Directors for the following year.

October 1941 Petition Brochure — Click through to read more
Some of the Objectives of the Organization:

First, we believe, not only every farmer in Canada, but every Canadian citizen should do all that they can possibly do to win the war. We would not have the privilege of organizing if we were to lose to Nazism. We hope to become a member of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture in 1942, and through that organization, to keep in touch with our Canadian Federation of Agriculture which has opened an office at Ottawa.

We wish to encourage more co-operation among farmers. The Milk Producers of Ontario have banded themselves together and have reaped real benefits from their organization. The asparagus, tomato and peach growers have a similar organization and we believe the producers of other products could benefit from such organizations.

We recommend that all co-operative organizations be used more by the farmers, whether for selling or buying because we believe these organizations are doing a great deal toward keeping down the chances of speculation at the farmers’ expense.

We offer the farmers of the County an opportunity to discuss farm problems, and will forward their problems and recommendations for improvement to our Ontario and Dominion Federation, who will in turn take the questions up with the proper authorities. We realize for the individual farmer to write to the Government for any action is useless but through organization, we believe some benefits may be derived.

Finances: How are these organizations financed?

Each county has their own system of financing. They receive grants from County and Township Councils. Also, grants from any farm organization that is in a position financially to aid in this worthy cause. Some have membership fees.

We believe these organizations will be a benefit not only to every farmer, but to our urban centres because a prosperous farm community means a prosperous village or town. Surely no farmer wants to stand aside and let his neighbours finance an organization for his benefit.

We all want to help, so the L.C.F.A. is circulating a petition giving you the opportunity of expressing your willingness to help finance our way out of our difficulties.

~Barrett Forbes~
President, Lambton County Farmers Association

National Policy For Agriculture

It must be stressed that the Federation does not attempt to supplant existing organizations but rather to consolidate the efforts of farmers into one organization through which they may advocate a national policy for agriculture.

The principles of the national policy for agriculture have been carefully defined and set forth in five clauses, as follows:
  1. Recognize the fundamental nature of food and land and farm people and the importance of agriculture in ‘our national economy.
  2. Establish a fair balance between agriculture, Labour and industry.
  3. Provide a systematic marketing program designed to feed our markets both at home and abroad in an orderly and efficient manner.
  4. Develop a production program shaped according to the needs of the marketing program, and designed to give our farmers guidance which will enable them to plan their farm program at least two years in advance.
  5. Recognize the principle of a two-price policy. This means that prices of farm commodities in the domestic market must bear a proper relationship to cost of production and cost of living in Canada.

There will be a great number of immediate detail problems that will require redress, with which the Federation within its financial, physical and mental ability, will attempt to deal.

Copy of Petition You are Asked to Sign

  • The purpose of the proposed non-political organization is “to raise the general economic level of Agriculture.”

We, the undersigned farmers of Lambton County, hereby signify our support, or opposition, to the proposed program outlined below:

  1. We are in agreement with the purpose and aims of this proposed organization, and pledge our active support and loyalty to its constitution, by-laws and regulations, as may be made.
  2. We request an immediate war-time program to enable farmers to receive the same economic security as other groups of society, so that we may be able to supply necessary foodstuffs to Great Britain whatever the requirements are, at the price she can pay. We ask a simple, workable plan that will enable us to furnish our full contribution to Britain’s needs.
  3. We desire a peace-time economy, designed to build a Canadian Agricultural Policy, which will give stability, equality and leadership to the farming industry, thus preparing for the post war period so that the farm group will make its contribution not only to Canada, but to the Empire.
  4. As a matter of sound financing, we request this organization together with all the counties of Ontario, to petition the Government requesting such legislation as may be necessary, that our farms may, for this purpose, be assessed in a sum not to exceed one cent per acre per annum as long as the organization functions.

TOWNSHIP OF: ____________________

S. S. No: ____________________

Name & Address

____________________ ____________________ ____________________

[  ] In Favour of   [  ] Opposed to

[  ] Owner   [  ] Tenant   [  ] Farmer’s Son

October 1941 Inaugural President’s Message
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