In 1953 Mike Cornelisson’s grandfather moved to the Sarnia-Lambton area from Holland to begin a family business of farming crops and raising broiler chickens. The next generation remained in the area, seeking to carry on their grandfather’s farming legacy.

While attending college, Mike became enthusiastic about pursuing the unique idea to harness landfill gasses, namely methane, to heat greenhouses. His idea was to strategically locate a greenhouse near a landfill.

He got his fiance Danielle and family on board and the work began.

“Warwick Township is very friendly to new businesses coming to the area, so they were really good to work with to help us get this project on the ground and get it going. And the community is great too”.

Mike and Danielle enjoy Sarnia-Lambton as a locale for their business, primarily because of the community and relationships with local businesses like High Speed Internet with Brooke Telecom, and Roelands Plant Farms, who provide them with their baby pepper plants each year.

The proximity to the US border has also been key to the company’s early success. The majority of their peppers are exported to the United States.

Next year when they have all 40 acres at full capacity, they will be sending one transport truck full of peppers each day from Twin Creeks Greenhouse to the United States.

From Sarnia-Lambton Economic Partnership

Smart Sarnia-Lambton – Twin Creeks Greenhouse Inc.

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