Its that time of year again – and its going to be a great meeting!

Friday November 17th 2017 @ 6pm
Wyoming Fair Grounds
Guests will enjoy a turkey dinner

The Lambton Federation is pleased to announce Matthew Pot will be speaking to our AGM:

Don’t Let Currency Markets Drive You ‘Loonie’: The Canadian Dollar’s What, When, Why & If’s.

Best known for his economic approach on grain markets, Matthew Pot will provide us with perspectives on the, oh so important, Canadian Dollar.

Matt has completed his Masters in Economics at the University of Guelph and holds multiple certifications through the Canadian Securities Institute.

He has been involved in ‘outside the box’ market research including, but not limited to, the feasibility of a market that allows grain producers to trade weather. He is the founder and author of ‘Grain Perspectives’, a daily market report providing producers and traders across Eastern Canada a unique Canadianized approach. He is a frequent guest on Real Agriculture Radio, sharing his passion and perspectives on currencies, grain markets and the, sometimes entertaining, political scene.

  • Contact a director or email [email protected] for tickets.
  • Additionally you can call 519-864-4224 for more information or tickets.

Matthew Pot is a proud supporter of Mental Health Awareness and will be donating his speaking fee to the Canadian Mental Health Association- Lambton Kent.

Along with electing the 2017-2018 board of directors, the 2017 Lambton Hall of Fame Inductees will be announced.

Call 519-864-4224 or email [email protected] for tickets.

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