Enbridge Gas has hired a third-party contractor to undertake a route analysis study to construct a 20 km long pipeline between Enbridge Gas’ Dawn-Parkway Line at Watford Station (located in the Municipality of Brooke-Alvinston) and Warwick Township.

The pipeline, along with other infrastructure, could enable Enbridge Gas to include more renewable natural gas into its system.

The proposed project includes the following:

  • Construction of a new station in Warwick Township, Ontario.
  • Construction of a new 4-inch or 6-inch diameter pipeline, approx. 20 km long, between Enbridge Gas’ Dawn-Parkway Line at Watford Transmission Station and the new station in Warwick Township.
    • The majority of the pipeline is to be located within the existing municipal Right-of-Way in the County of Lambton, Township of Warwick and Municipality of Brooke-Alvinston.
    • The preferred pipeline route includes a CNR rail bridge and watercourse crossing.
  • Modifications which include a tie-in would be completed at Watford Transmission Station.

Enbridge Gas plans to file a Leave to Construct application for this project with the Ontario Energy Board (OEB).

This is tentatively scheduled to be filed in March 2023.

If approved, construction on the pipeline and related stations could begin in the spring of 2024 and be complete by the end of 2024.

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Proposed Watford Enbridge Gas Pipeline Project
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