In 1981, the Lambton Federation of Agriculture (LFA) produced its first retrospective book in celebration of its 40th Anniversary, and then in 2001, the LFA published a 20 year retrospective book in celebration of its 60th anniversary.

The LFA celebrates its 80th anniversary in 2021 and we thought we'd create a 20 year retrospective similar to what was created in 2001, but since so much electronic content was available (the LFA started its first website in 2002), we thought we'd present the retrospective all here online.

Please scroll or search through our archives we've collected and posted here.

1993 LFA Logo
2012 LFA Logo

If you have any content to share: newspaper clippings, photos, stories, or reports, please free to send them our way.

  • One of the benefits of an online retrospective is it is never truly complete, and there's no printing deadline to worry about.

After experiencing the Depression and World War II’s rationing, most farmers in Warwick and Lambton recognized the need for a strong united voice to address their common concerns. The Lambton Farmers Association (later changed to the Lambton Federation of Agriculture or LFA) was a grass-roots organization created in 1941.

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Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Resources

The Ontario farm community needs accessible and culturally relevant mental health resources and training to promote wellness and build resilience to withstand the enormous occupational stresses they face.

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Lambton-Kent Ag in the Classroom

Lambton-Kent Agriculture in the Classroom

"Lambton-Kent Agriculture in the Classroom" (LKAITC) committee is a group of volunteers committed to delivering curriculum based agricultural and food programs to youth in Lambton and Kent Counties free of charge.

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Member Engagement



The Lambton Federation of Agriculture offers scholarships for college and university students. -- Click through to check out the criteria and all the recipients over the years.

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Other Awards

Lambton County Farm Award Recipients

The Don Hill Legacy Award honouring on-farm innovation (2020-). -- The Excellence in Agriculture program recognizing agri-food innovations (2018-2019). -- The Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence program (2006-2017).

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Lambton Federation of Agriculture Annual Meeting Reports
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1941 Inaugural Meeting Minutes